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MJ Home Services is the top-rated family owned small company in Baltimore MD. We pride ourselves in making sure to have the BEST customer service that anyone has ever experienced with callbacks from less than 5 mins and easy to text to the Manager at any time! I have spoken to a lot of different companies that ask me how we keep the business so steady during slow seasons, and our answer is “We look at it this way, when someone calls we first try to have a smile on our face because you can just tell when someone is smiling even on the phone! Then we try to not be to fast and pushy but take the time for each call. When you start the first initial call with perfect customer service it just lines up the whole job. Then John and his crew are just great! John truly cares for people and wants to help”

We are a Christian company with Chrisitan values and we love what do. Our motto is always to give more, always give extra and do the best job possible! Mistakes happen but it is how we handle the mistakes that set us apart from other companies. We want to be a blessing to each and every person that calls us. So please call MJ Home Service today for your Free Estimate and we will be happy to help you with your home!

MJ Home Services

We offer Flood Cleanup – Water Damage Repair – Foundation Repair – Waterproofing Basements – Mold Removal

443-716-6177 or 866-752-7352

MHIC #131827

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