Telling Signs That You Should Have a Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore, MD

As a homeowner, it falls upon your shoulders to take good care of every part of your home. Not only will this preserve your house’s structural integrity, but will also keep you and your loved ones safe. You may have been doing some preventive maintenance or necessary repairs around your house, but have you thought about your basement? If not, then you are throwing away a valuable and multipurpose area, and you may even be unknowingly subjecting yourself to more problems than benefits.To shed some light, know that a Baltimore basement waterproofing can help you protect and make the most out of your basement.

First off, it is best to call for a reputable basement waterproofing company to get your place checked out. These experts can easily make efforts to improve your basement, as well as pinpoint any present problems and do the necessary fixes right away. Determining if something is wrong with your basement is not really rocket science. You can easily tell potential basement waterproofing problems with these signs:

  • Damp feeling and musty smell

If your basement feels and smells like a locker room, then you may have some form of water seepage happening in there, or some issues with your basement’s ventilation. There may be no readily visible signs of damage, but what you feel and smell gives it away.

  • Cracks

You may not see water seepage yet but cracked walls and floors indicate that further damages are bound to happen in just a matter of time. If you see some cracks on your basement’s surfaces, it is wise to call for professional help to get it dealt with immediately, saving you from more trouble and costly repairs in the future.

  • Water marks

Seeing water marks on your windows or walls is a crystal clear sign that water has indeed entered your basement. One or several drops of water in your basement won’t bother you much at first, but know that this is not that simple. Water infiltration can turn your dear house into a nightmare.

  • Mold growth

The presence of mold in your basement, be it black, white, or green, should not be taken lightly. Mold growth poses a serious health and safety hazard and should be dealt with right away. Believe it or not, a woman from New York had slowly been poisoned by living in a home infested with black mold for 35 years. This may sound extreme but the effects of mold growth to one’s health can range from simple hay fever-like allergies to more severe lung infections. Thus, it is best to take essential mold growth prevention steps at home, starting with a basement waterproofing in Baltimore, MD. Moreover, if mold growth goes way out of hand, you do not only have to go through water penetration repairs, but also a mold remediation job.

  • White powder on concrete

The white, chalky substance you see on your basement walls are actually mineral deposits that have leached out of the wall cracks and other openings where water seeped in. This may not be as harmful as mold growth, but it already is a bad sign that requires your attention.

  • Bowed walls

Inward curves or bulges in your foundation wall may cause foundation problems and water seepage in no time. Plan on some repairs as soon as these flaws show up. Passing on the needed repairs will only open up to bigger problems and will cost you more time, effort, and money in the long run.

These are only some of the telling signs that can help you know when to call for professional help. If you find yourself in one of these situations, do not hesitate to call MJ Home Services at 410-242-5500 or 443-716-6277. We care for your home just as much as you do. Contact us today and we’ll take it from there.

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