MJ Home Services: Your best choice for Home Improvement Services in Baltimore, MD

Here at MJ home services, we understand every person’s need – and want – to have a house that is dry, warm, and cozy, especially during the rainy season. To help you in achieving this goal, we offer several kinds of services for your home improvement, specifically in Baltimore, MD.

As part of the company’s main goal of helping people who are having troubles with water leaks, molding, and flooding, we are dedicated to providing quality services that will surely ensure a waterproof and mold-free home. We mainly specialize in providing solutions for your mold issues and waterproofing needs.

But we don’t stop in our service specializations, as mentioned earlier, we offer several kinds of services. So we have other job specifications that would target your home’s specific waterproofing needs. Here’s the list of the main services that we offer:

  • WATERPROOFING – Basements may be the least seen part of the house, but it still needs to be properly taken care of. To make sure that water does not penetrate through your basement walls, have it checked regularly and repaired if the need arises.
  • FLOOD CLEANUP – If ever that you’re faced with this situation, save time, money, and effort in dealing with your flood problems at home. Let us do the messy job for you.
  • MOLD REMOVAL – Molds are threats to you and your family’s health. With this service, you don’t have to worry about dealing with these menaces on your own.
  • FOUNDATION REPAIR – Damages in your foundation may cause you more financial loss in the future, if not dealt with immediately. Let us take insect and repair the problems in your foundation before it becomes too late.
  • ROOF REPAIR – Whether you have problems in your ceramic, Asphalt shingles, metal, or other types of roofing, we will do an excellent job in making sure that your roof will be back to a good condition.

Find out more information and details about the services above, feel free to visit the individual pages dedicated to each service. Just toggle to the ‘Services’ tab at the top of this page, then choose a specific service from the dropdown menu. You can also contact us directly through our phone numbers (Office: 410-242-5500/Emergency Number: 443-716-6277) or send us an email at Our friendly staff will surely provide efficient answers for all of your concerns about home improvement services in Baltimore, MD.

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