Is Baltimore Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

Basement waterproofing in Baltimore, MD is one of the most important ways to protect your home. Your basement is not less than important that the other parts of your house, given that it is a big part of your home’s very foundation. Thus, it sure is essential to always keep it in its best condition.

A few drops of water or so in your basement can be manageable, yes, but a full flood definitely is not. A small and simple leak in your basement can easily escalate into a more complicated and more expensive series of problems if left unattended for long. Here are the main complications that you have to face with a wet basement:

  • Spoiled PossessionsMost homeowners use their basements as a storage area or a spare room for family and guests. With leaks in your basement, then everything you have down there is then bound to get soaked and spoiled. Water quickly saturates everything that it touches and more often than not, these drenched items can no longer be restored or at least, not easily. It would definitely be a waste, not being able to make the most out of the things you own.
  • Structural Issues and Safety RisksWater can easily seep in through cracks in your basement walls. This is downright a symptom of ongoing structural issues of your very home, which poses a great safety risk that you should not overlook. Cracks can result from sinking foundations, for instance, which is already a telling sign of impending collapse of the basement walls due to earth loading.Water seepage and saturation may eventually then cause further damages to your roof, walls, floors, and the like, compromising the integrity of your home’s structure even more. You see, the cracks themselves are a great issue on their own, add the flooding and all the undesirable conditions it brings , and your situation worsens!Basements are often renovated crawlspaces, housing all the plumbing and electrical systems of your home. With this area flooded, then all metal pipes and electrical wires may cause quite a disaster.
  • Serious Health HazardsA wet basement can also pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones.A humid environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, as well as mold and mildew. The growth and infestation of these harmful organisms cause not only a foul odor in your basement, but also great health risks. Prolonged exposure may cause diseases and infections if left untreated, most especially to the young, old, or immuneocompromised.

These are only the major consequences that you have to face with a wet basement. The safety of you and your family, as well as the preservation of your hard-earned possessions are important. So, is Baltimore basement waterproofing necessary? Yes! A resounding yes.

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