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MJ Home Services
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by Lauri C on MJ Home Services

Most of us would agree that the death of a dearly beloved parent is one of the most traumatic events we face, but there is no denying that having to sell the home in which you’ve spent your childhood makes that grieving so much worse. However, when we meet someone who stands with us and shares that burden with care and warmth, it makes all the difference in the world! MJ Home Services was that and so much more! Extensive work was required to make our father’s home ready for sale, and from the beginning, Melissa and her team went out of their way to help us in this process (answering texts and emails often within hours; providing written estimates and responses to questions; calling back when voice contact was more appropriate). The quotes were THE BEST among all the companies who offered estimates, and the descriptions of the work needed were never padded with unnecessary add-ons. Indeed, on several occasions, Melissa adjusted the quoted estimate when she found the needed repairs were less than originally projected. Throughout the inspection process and repairs on the home, Melissa tactfully answered repeated and direct challenges presented by the various individuals involved in the project, and at no point did she respond with impatience or a lack of flexibility. On every occasion, the work was done within 48 hours of a promised completion date, even when the work was complicated by unforeseen pre-existing conditions in the home. Melissa and her team outsourced work when needed, and did so without complaint. On too many occasions to count, she received my many calls with warmth and humor, willingly came out when the requirements of the inspector changed without warning, and never made unreasonable cost increases when she might have reasonably done so. In short, everything that was listed on the inspection report, as well as some that were not, was completed in a timely, thorough, and cost-efficient manner. For me, my family, and my colleagues, Melissa and her team will always be the source of all home improvements and repairs. For us, they are now family.

by Christi Rojas on MJ Home Services

MJ Home Services has been a life saver for me! I'm a Realtor licensed in DC, MD and VA. They always come through for me. Most recently they saved a transaction where an appraiser had incorrectly assessed repairs needed. MJ Homes came in, assessed the problems and repairs and all was right again! The staff is friendly, the work is great and the prices are reasonable. What more can you ask for in a home improvement company? I'll definitely continue using them.

by KimMe on MJ Home Services

I have used their services twice, and will definitely be using them again. First time..a pipe broke in my kitchen when the big freeze hit last winter (you remember the one). The water dripped into the basement, and eventually, the ceiling of the basement collapsed. Water was EVERYWHERE ! Called MJ Home Services after finding them on Google. They came out and did the job quickly, efficiently, and with no problems or hiccups..pumped out the water, dehumidified, sent mold-killing stuff through the vents (they take mold VERY seriously), and rebuilt the ceiling and almost half of my basement..flooring, carpet, etc..just did a great job, and for a reasonable price ! This year, i had them come out and handle issues that the HOA flagged me for..power-washed the house, replaced some siding, power-washed the sidewalk, put a gutter back onto the house..again..done quickly, efficiently, and with no problems or hiccups. Their workers are no joke. They get the job done, and the ladies in the office are on their game as well. They will work with you. I will be calling them back with some other things i want taken care of as well.

by Irish Twin Sisters on MJ Home Services

We had a great experience with this company. My husband was extremely pleased with their communication. So far so good no leaking. Thanks MJ!

by Artem Fredricks on MJ Home Services

Unfortunately our pump stopped working. Our entire basement flooded. John showed up on time and was extremely professional. Completed the work in a few hours. Great experience with this company. They are local and family owned. His wife works in the office. I rather use a local company. Feels more personable. Thanks John for all your help and your crew as well.

by Alex Moore on MJ Home Services

Thank you MJ Home Services! This company was great! They got rid of all the mold in my basement, found and fixed the leak that caused it! Their employees know what they're doing and everyone there is great to work with!

by Donna Schaffner on MJ Home Services

I highly recommend this company! They were professional and great to work with. I would definitely use them again.

by Brittney Shahan on MJ Home Services

We had a roof leak in our bathroom but after calling insurance we were not happy with the cost or with a long wait. So we decided to call MJ home services. Extremrely happy with the professionalism and the cost. Would hire again!

by Jake Wiggings on MJ Home Services

Great company. Take great pride in there work. Definitely definitely recommend mj.

by Tiffani Henson on MJ Home Services

This company is fantastic! I'm a young home owner and have had terrible experiences with previous contractors that resulted in my doing more research online and finding this company. MJ Home Services was a ray of sunshine for me. I had mold in my home and they were really quick to get someone to come out and take a look at things. Not only was the gentleman professional, he was very down to earth and took the time to explain what he believed the cause was, what they can do for me, AND what I can do to prevent the situation. They also came during a time that worked really well for me as I'm a single lady and work the typical 9-5. Scheduling the work was done quickly as well and they were really flexible with allowing me to have my good friend stay at the house so I didn't have to miss a day of work. Everything that happened in my absence was emailed to at the end of the day. What was REALLY awesome about this company was that they went above and beyond and found mold in a place that I was shocked had mold at all. Even though taking care of that was outside the original scope of work, they took care of it no problem and didn't charge me! I even asked for updated work order so that I could pay because I was so grateful and they reassured me that everything was taken care of and there was no need. I'd give them 20 stars if I could. Immaculate customer service, efficiency, and overall a pleasure to work with. I hope I don't ever have mold again but if I do I won't go anywhere else.

by Orans Group LLC on MJ Home Services

I hired MJ Home Services to remove mold from my basement. Melissa was always available to answer my questions and concerns. They were very professional and worked with me around my budget, granted me financing. They showed up for the job in time and got it done in a timely manner. It was a great experience and I will recommend them any day for home services. I will use them over and over again.

by Don Schoene Doc2326 on MJ Home Services

This company was wonderful. My basement was leaking and I needed someone to check it out. They came cleaned up the water and mold! Then waterproofing was done to the whole basement. I'd definitely use them again and I recommend them!

by Travis Baird on MJ Home Services

Absolutely the best services out there. We had a water leak in the basement and needed prompt restorative services. Melissa was professional and attentive to our needs. We are extremely satisfied with their services

by ariel danielle on MJ Home Services

Great company. Completed some repairs to my basement. Im extremely pleased.

by MJ Kim on MJ Home Services

Really just honest, nice, decent people that do great work. What more can you ask for in stressful situations that include MOLD in the basement?! They will make sure you're happy with the job and Melissa is really, really awesome. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have gone with MJ Home Services...because to be honest I got about 6 different quotes. Not only were their prices fair, they were SO easy to work with. They were awesome at getting back to me since day 1 and worked with me through everything and all my questions. No, I have nothing to do with their company...my nickname just happens to be MJ lol! This is a real review!!

by Avenging Angel on MJ Home Services

Highly recommend this company!

by Jessica Hudson on MJ Home Services

I highly recommend MJ Homes Services to all homeowners in their service area. MJ Homes services did excellent work at my home recently. Their prices were very competitive for the amount of work offered and completed. Every individual that came to my home was professional and polite to my realtors and I had no issues allowing them in my home to work unsupervised after the first day. Melissa was great to work with and often communicated with me via text, which was the easiest way to contact me during the day. Pictures were given at the end of each work day to show the progress in the home and approve any completed work. Payment was made easy for me via Paypal invoice.



by moon lui on MJ Home Services

MJ Home Services has been a pleasure to work with from the customer service that the office staff gave to getting to do everything from e-mail and even the inspection from John. Let me tell you that when I called this company I didn't do much research but I did read some of the reviews and I did not realize that this was also a ministry. John, well were to begin with John... He is a Godly man on a mission and he makes it clear. He said some things to me that made me pause and think for a min. He is right on the head and he talked more about God then anything but it was refreshing and uplifting and I was a pleasure to work with. I know this is a great company and the job they did was incredible. We got waterproofing and some mold cleanup and basement is dry still!!

by James William on MJ Home Services

Had some water damage from a roof leak, they repaired inside and out and gave a 5 year guarantee. I would use them again.

by Anderson Reese on MJ Home Services

My basement flooded last week and a rep from this company came out to give me a estimate. He seen that we had a small budget so instead of him trying to up sell and sell us on all this different stuff he told my husband how to do it. This guy saved us $4000 and he even left us some microbial for free. This company is amazing, if I could give them 10 stars I would!

by Lima Alex on MJ Home Services

My husband noticed some mold around our vents in the bathroom and after I had cleaned it a few times and it kept coming back we knew we needed to call a professional. The ventilation was not working correctly and the first company we called was going to charge us $2500 to fix the vents, cut out and remediate the mold which I thought was crazy high. So I found this company MJ Home Services & Flood Restoration and they have great reviews. Once the guy came out he said pretty much the same thing but he was going to clean and disinfect all my system to make sure the mold didn't spread and the price was much lower. I was so happy with the work and I highly recommend them.

by Daniel Berg on MJ Home Services

Great company, my basement flooded inside the wall when we had the freak weather this month and I tried to call all the company's that I hear of on tv and radio and they were all booked. I then started looking for a local company and found MJ Home Services on the internet. They had great reviews and now I know why! This is truly a god send of a company and I was grateful that they put me in the schedule knowing how busy they were. They job was completed in 1 day and my home is almost back to normal. Thanks MJ!

by Tabatha L on MJ Home Services

Great company, they made the water damage process go a lot smoother than the stories I have heard. Job was done in 4 hrs and I am happy with the work

by Lauren S on MJ Home Services

During some heavy rain we had over the past few weeks I started to notice that water was coming in through a few cracks. I started to call a couple companies and then picked MJ due to there compassion for helping others. The work was done in a timely manner and it is not leaking anymore. They also gave me a free carpet cleaning on my home when they were done with the work. All the guys that work there are so kind and help me to the fullest, Thanks.

by R Johnson on MJ Home Services

Thanks for coming out on short notice. My carpets look amazing and I sold my house that weekend. I am just glad you were on time and did a great job. If the carpets had looked bad I probably would have lost the sale. Carpets are important with first impressions. You guys did great and I will be back soon. Keep up the good work!

by Tina Lee on MJ Home Services

My husband found a puddle of water in the corner of our basement last week and then we started to see some mold, there are so many companies in the Baltimore area to choice from for water restoration work and I like to use a local company. We called about 3 companies but this is the only one that worked with our schedule. The office is very nice and when the gentleman came out he was so knowledgeable as to why this was happening and what to do to fix it. We put down a deposit so we could lock in the quote then had given us. They are a very busy company and now I know why. The work was started about a week later and they were complete in 3 days. They had to fix the cracks, dry-loc the basement, treat the mold and install a drain outside the home. The price was great and the work was fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a water restoration company in Baltimore. Thanks MJ Home Services, Great Job!

by Jhon Ten on MJ Home Services

My family used MJ Home Home Services and I would like to take a moment to extol their values. They were prompt, professional, thorough and did a free safety inspection of my home, efficiently solved my Water Damage problems. I am finally less anxious and safe in my home, as a person should be. I highly recommend that you did a great job...

by A Google User on MJ Home Services

When people looks for the best sometime they found worst. But i got wonderful service from you. My carpets are really looks new. I surely recommend your service to all of my friends. About service charge, i have no comments. But about service it is A+.. Keep going..

by Jonathan Meadows on MJ Home Services

I am blown away by this company, I purchased a deal through this site for a inspection on my foundation because I was having water come in and I could start to see the mold. So they set up a appointment around my schedule and when the Inspector John came he was very good at this. From the start I didn't have to say much he just started his thing. He went through my entire house and did a full inspection on everything. It really amazed me as this is the first time he had ever been in my house. Then he started to tell me how this can be fixed. I received a estimate about 4 days later as they told me that they were very busy. John even advised me to get other quotes but I am the type of guy to go with my gut and I knew that I wanted him to do the work. They had to schedule the work to start 4 weeks away and I see why now he is very highly recommended. Melissa kept in touch through email confirming the times and that was great! So the work starts, John and his team are on Q they have a rhythm down that is great and they work so good together. The work was completed within a week. I had a french drain installed around my house and a couple foundation leaks fixed and they fixed and treated my basement. Not only did they do a incredible job but John took his time to talk to me so I knew what was going on at all times. I am blown away by this company and guess what I asked at the end how much it would be to tear out a small tree that I couldn't stand and John said he would do it for free, his exact words was (what goes around comes around, brother) so this company is highly recommended and I will never forget what they did for me.

by Adam Beal on MJ Home Services

There really aren't companies out there like this one anymore. I had some mold in my home and was concerned. I was sick and my newborn was showing signs of sicknesses. I was scared especially after reading all the horror stories about people getting deathly ill from mold exposure. I checked out companies for about a month and did a lot of research. This company just kept popping out every time I was looking on the net. When I called they were nothing but professional and helpful and they came out right away to take a look at my mold problem in my basement. John was great! He spent so much time explaining why this was happening and what can be done to fix it. This mold removal stuff is very expensive and he directed my in the right direction but I just couldn't afford it. After I told them this they offered to do the spray out for half of what they wanted. I am eternally grateful for what they did and I am already noticing a difference in the air in my home. My daughter is not coughing anymore and I just feel that they saved my life. Thanks so much and I know for a fact that this company will make it! I wish I could give them 10 stars.

by Dave Hillyer on MJ Home Services

Got a Flood in the Basement, called Best Carpet Cleaning and Flood Damage and was so surprised when someone actually answered the phone. They came out the next day, lifted the carpet, took up the underlay, treated the walls and got it all back together like it was, Thanks for the great effort guys!

by CA S on MJ Home Services

I had some water leaking through my window that needed to be fixed immediately. I came across MJ Home Service and they got me an appointment quickly to come fix the leak and treat the window for mold. It has been 2 weeks now and I haven't had any more issues concerning the window. I highly recommend you check these guys out - not only is their customer service superb but their prices are reasonable then the other companies I came across.

by Lee Johnson on MJ Home Services

After the last big rain, one of our rental properties that was sitting vacant was completely flooded. MJ Home Service was a huge help in restoring our water damaged property. They did a marvelous job and were very fairly priced. We will definitely use again for more work we need done on our rental properties. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Highly recommended!

by jeff perez on MJ Home Services

Excellent work ethic, very honest and trustworthy. Owner of company did a very thorough job of cleaning my carpets and tile, super nice guys, highly recommend! Will use them again, very fair prices.

by Kara Shawyer on MJ Home Services

I had some really bad pet stains and odors in the carpet throughout my house. I called MJ Home Services and set up an appointment. The technicians came out and looked at the carpet and gave a great price. They cleaned the carpets right away. The carpets definitely looked cleaner, and they did a great job.I would recommend them to anyone.

by ryab st on MJ Home Services

I Was Very Happy With The Results that this company was able to give me. I would not hire any other company.