Structural and Foundation Repair

StructuralRepair-Exterior2-150x150Baltimore Foundation Crack Repair

Water and weak soil conditions are the primary causes of most foundation settlement problems.  Controlling the amount of water around your foundation is the first step to keeping it sound and solid.  Such things as keeping your gutters cleaned out to prevent overflow, direct water away at the down spouts, prevent water run off from pooling at the foundation wall, preventing erosion form beneath the footing will help prevent problems before they start.

Foundation cracks that are both vertical and horizontal are often serious. Cracks in a foundation wall or floor, patio or garage floor are often caused by poor building method, from undermining, or resettling. Cracks often indicate an underlying problem, and should not be ignored, as they may widen over time and allow water to enter, or compromise the structural integrity of a home.

The first step is a thorough examination of the situation. Basement Waterproofing Technologies’ certified repair contractors are trained to evaluate the problem, and provide you with available solutions for the foundation of your home including structural repair.