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Exterior waterproofing stops water from entering foundation walls, and thus prevents the wicking and molding of building materials. Prior to the 1980′s, much of the original exterior waterproofing was actually damp-proofing using a degradable asphalt-based covering. These asphalt and tar-based compounds are affected by soil pH, and break down after 10 to 20 years, thus making that type of waterproofing ineffective over time.

Today, polymer products will completely waterproof an exterior foundation wall. With a half life in the thousands of years, these polymers make an ideal long-term exterior waterproofing solution.

When you contract with Baltimore Waterproofing Services, you can be assured that your exterior walls will receive waterproofing treatment, not merely damp-proofing. We use the newest technology and products to assure that your system will continue to keep your home dry for many years.

MJ Home Service’s multi-step process to exterior waterproofing includes:

Excavation of dirt from foundation of home Installation of a drainage system

  • Parging of walls with waterproofing material applied about ½” thick
  • Application of waterproofing compound, such as epoxy, and membrane
  • Backfill of dirt, ensuring proper ground slope away from home

Parging is the process of applying a thin coat of a cementitious or polymeric mortar to the exterior of concrete. The intent is to create a contiguous surface by filling surface air voids and bug holes and to level concrete with extreme rugosity to a level suitable for top coating with a high-performance protective coating.


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