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Just because your crawl space is smaller and less utilized than any other space doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore it. Crawlspaces, like basements, are prone to moisture and leakage, which can damage your building’s foundation and be hazardous to your family or employees in the long run. If you suspect water damage or related problems in your crawlspace, hire the crawl space waterproofing experts of MJ Home Services today.

For buildings without basements, a crawlspace is often used to gain access to pipes and other substructures. Unfortunately, a dark, damp crawl space is a breeding ground for mold, which can spread into your walls and cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues in the building’s occupants. A wet crawl space can also attract vermin and insects. Sealing and moisture control can alleviate these problems and also help to ensure your home or commercial building’s structural security, as perpetual dampness can weaken support beams and crack the building’s foundation.

MJ Home Services is Baltimore’s answer to all of your waterproofing crawl space problems. Since 2011, we’ve been offering reliable, long-lasting crawl space sealing solutions to local home and business owners alike. Our highly-trained team of waterproofing specialists is available seven days a week to get you the help you need. That is because we understand that sealing a crawl space can make a huge difference for your home, office, or your other building’s safety and stability.


Deciding to move forward with a sealed and conditioned crawl space is a step in the right direction, just be sure the company you choose is offering you the best plan for your specific issues.   Most crawl space companies offer every customer the same solution and use the same types of products to resolve their crawl space problems. That may sound efficient and easy; however, this one-size-fits-all method is not beneficial for the homeowner. Every crawl space has unique factors (structural as well as external) that cause serious issues such as mold growth, dampness, odor and moisture. Each of these factors should be assessed individually for the best solution and brought together under one comprehensive plan that is unique for your home.

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